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    At Gannon Solutions, we design and develop beautifully tailored websites cunningly optimized for all devices. We are a full-service digital firm. That means we partner with you from inception thru analytics on every project to help you stay relevant to your current customers and attractive enough to attain new.


    Gannon Solutions connects you to customers

    in meaningful, innovative ways.

    Consulting & Strategic Planning

    Holistic Business Review & Mobile, Online and Offline Roadmap 

    Digital Strategy to Connect and Grow Online and Offline Customers


    Too often businesses rely simply on a new logo and website to reenergize themselves.  In truth, it takes a deep dive into your business plan to make a real difference. Otherwise, you're just slapping a new coat of paint on. We help businesses define vision and mission to align with strategy and tactics. The online world is changing everyday. Connect your online and offline customer through mindful decisions. We can help you get there.



    Identity & Branding Packages

    Business Corporate Communication and Consumer Brand Marketing


    Does your company have flair? It matters. We provide you with matching business cards, brochures, proposals, banners, web ads, promotional items and more. Make sure you look good at your next business meeting. Having a full identity will give you confidence and an edge to get that business!


    Design & Development

    Responsive Design and Development

    Sites Optimized for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile


    We design and build beatutiful one-of-a-kind custom websites and make sure they are optimized for the top browsers and devices of the day. After all a visitor’s first impression can inspire them or deter them from moving forward and contacting you. Your website is your online calling card. Let it also be the tool that converts passive users into loyal customers.


    Channel Marketing

    Strategy and Execution Packages

    Design, Development and Maintenance


    Do you know the power of marketing? If you haven't run a campaign, you're missing out. You can receive immediate results within 24 hours. We will get you going on Mobile, SMS, Email, Media, Print, Social Media, Video and a host of of guerrilla marketing tactics that align with your overall business plan to meet the goals you have set.


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Basic and Advanced Packages including Content Marketing

    Ecosystem Code Reviews, Content Strategy and Optimization


    SEO isn't for the faint hearted. If you want it done, and done right, you've come to the right place. Search algorithms are constantly evolving and pristine execution is key to getting your company's page seen in organic search results. Otherwise, why bother? Whether you're looking for standard, entry-level programming or enterprise-level, corporate standings, we've got you covered.


  • Mission




    Business Developer, Entrepreneur, CEO, Son, Brother, Friend


    Shawn is a motivated entrepreneur. He will make his mark. Every day he pulls himself up to try to do the right thing towards ethical successes. He strives to make lasting meaningful impressions on those around him that are true and relevant.


    Shawn's experience comes from 25 years of corporate industry work both on client and agency sides of the business. He has robust consumer and business digital marketing and product development expertise.




    Industry Subject Matter Experts

    Entertainment, Travel, Hospitality, Technology, Financial Services and more 


    When given the chance, what can a think-tank of diverse industry subject matter experts produce to innovate on a current scope of work?  Anything.


    We have developed a crowdsource, not just a company.  SMEs communicate with each other, share data providing a nexus of attainable solutions with robust returns.


    A few samplings of our strategy & design work.

    Rewards Network

    Loyalty Program Company for over 20 years.

    Chicago, Illinois


    Rewards Network (RN) works with major partners such as American Airlines, United, Southwest and Hilton Honors to provide consumers with loyalty miles or points when they dine at one of RN's 10,000 restaurant partners.  RN needed an update to their corporate site that attracted both consumers and new clients alike.  The answer was a responsive website that attracted increased mobile users, and provided stronger SEO support for lead generation.  Email and social media strategy supported as cross-channeled efforts.


    Rewards Network Site

    Content That Works Agency

    Newspaper syndication company since 2001.

    Chicago, Illinois


    With the disruption in the media industry at it's highest level, Content That Works knew it needed to change to meet the newspaper industry's expectations.  We were hired to transform the strategy and look of their agency into a digital savvy lead generator.  We developed a responsive website to start.  The website's strategy was to support an overall content marketing effort cross-channel on web, email, social and via national sales.  Through white papers, ebooks, infographics and more, we accomplished generating more leads and profitable sales.


    Content That Works Site

    DiDomenico Chiropractic

    Top Chicago Chiropractor

    Chicago, Illinois


    Dr. DiDomenico wanted a fresh, mobile-friendly look to their outdated website. We worked with him to define his overall strategy taking care to include top SEO best practices due the competitive nature of his industry.  We designed a striking responsive site for all devices and provided strategic SEO insights and recommendations for every page designed. 


    Didomenico Chiropractic Site


    A Design Build Company

    Chicago, Illinois


    redüHOME is a start-up that needed a corporate branding identity with an eye-catching, professional online, mobile and social media presence. We were brought in to help them strategize just that with a complete go-to-market and SEO package to capitalize on a burgeoning new business.  We came out strong and this start-up is now soaring by online reputation management and lead generations from the site.


    redüHOME Site


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