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Radio Shack Sadness

Sadness For An American Treasure

I can still remember my first trip to a Radio Shack.
I was just finishing up a banana split at the local DQ in a commercial strip mall in the 70's.  As I enjoyed the summer's treat, I saw a window filled with the most exquisite technology I had ever seen.  Radio's (of course), special cords, weird "Odyssey" pong gaming consoles, betamax players, and so much technical sundrie I couldn't decipher at my age; but I knew I was hooked.  
My banana split and I snuck in and walked the aisles in wonderment.  Everything was so bright and "modern" and at your finger tips.  From batteries to color tv!  I must have spent an hour in there just looking at stuff trying to determine their use.  
My love for Radio Shack continued through my adulthood.  It really has been my go-to place for technology I "needed".  Such items as HDMI cords, cell phone, replacement stereo speakers and yes, batteries.  It was also the best place to find gifts!  Who doesn't love a remote control truck?!
Well this week strikes the end of an era.  Radio Shack you will be missed in my life.  You once came back from bankruptcy in the 60's when you were a british leather goods store.  Let's hope you will come back to us this time, too. 
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