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Top 5 Reasons why your company should build a responsive site fast!


    1. Responsive sites provide a better user experience for visitors – web traffic is not site fungible. Users will spend more time on a site that is thoughtfully designed with them in mind.
    2. Your site goes mobile faster - A recent survey by Compuware found that 40% of users will close a poorly optimized mobile website and switch to a competitor’s, and nearly 60% would not recommend a business that provides a bad user experience on its mobile site.
    3. Revenue building - Leads, leads, leads. Lost visitors are lost leads. Simple.
    4. Not just a fad – Responsive websites are more common today than ever. Expect more, not less in the very near future.
    5. Cost effective – There are literally tens of thousands of inexpensive responsive website templates on the web. (I’m talking $45!) The key is choosing the right one for your business and having the right resources assisting in developing a compelling framework for your business proposition and content.
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